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Un Corazón Rojo ☆

n e v e r f a d e - n e v e r b l u r 彡


Dry your tears with love
.I go by the name of Rina★.aka teenager from Greece.☂
.Addicted to k-pop bands (ex.TVXQ/SJ/2NE1/F.T.I./SHINee/C.N.Blue/BEG etc.).
.First and ever-lasting love: Tokio Hotel.
WARNING: Proness obsessed fangirl here. Especially with my Boo&Fish <3
.Loves creating. Creating as drawing for example.
.Dances to breathe. Choreographing to speak.

.Always friendly and reliable, gets easily attached with others.☂
.Often very pessimistic, unsatisfied with herself.

"I believed if time passes, everything turns
into beauty. If the rains stop, tears clean the
scars of memory away. Everything starts weaning
fresh colors. Every sound begins playing a
heartfelt melody. Jealousy embelishes a page of
the epic. Desire is embraced in a dream
But my mind is still in chaos" -X

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